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ok lets see here, my name is nikki i live in michigan i hate it here, it kinda sucks! but iv got the bestest friends u could ask for an they help me through alot. so im makin it as far as right now! im a very fun an out goin person, i love to write poems an thats what my diary will consist of, so please read them an let me know whatcha all think by emailin me at, im easy to get along with until u make me mad an then shit hits the fan! so stay on my good side lol, iv been told im a very funny person, which i beleive i am lol, im 16 years old an im lovin it kinda! well thats about it for now, i guess il talk to ya all later ~love me~

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loved me after all
flying without my wings 1
it happend agian
his smile
in the end