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I'm Mikayla Murphy. I'm 23 years old and in college. I've been writing poems for most of my life, but I just really got into writing poetry as a High School Freshman. I hope you enjoy my poems and give me feedback if you read them.

Poem titleVoter ratingComments
Why? 91
What is Love?94
It's You94
Don't Change93
My Child81
Falling In Love 2
I Couldn't See72
My Angel92
Silent Tears (song)41
Could You Be (song)
A Little Light 2
Colorado Mountaintops 2
Memories On The Wind (song) 1
The Most Beautiful Thing 1
Catriona's Lullaby (song) 1
My Nightmare 1
A Rainbow of Love (song)
Winter Chill 1
Perfection's Hidden Price (song)
Show Me (song) 1
That Day 1
My Only Mistake (song) 1
For Someone Special
Just One
If Only 1
For You 1
I See God92
My Love,
Fire (song)
My Wish (song) 1
Then I'm Back (song)
Tears of the Heart (song)
Addicted 1
Crying A River (song)
Our Dance7
That Something
I Cry (song)
My Desire 1
JezeBel of O-MO
A New Beginning (song)
Blue Bird (song)
God Song (song)
I'm Sorry (song) 1
January Thaw
Fire and Ice (song)
My Journey to Love
Sweets Shoppe (song)
Thank You Lord
Find Me Lord (song)
Ghost of You (song)
Still (song)
The Last Time (song) 1
Hold On (song)
In A Second
you're Just Gone 1
You Have Got Me (song)
Burning Heart (song)
Time Machine (song)91
Heaven is Crying 1
A Dream? (song)
Down the Corridor of Time (song)
You Are 1
Save Me (song) 1
My Heart Wants (song)
Tears and A Broken Heart (song)
Prevention (song)
Roller Coaster Ride (song)
Stronger (song)
Forget-Me-Nots (song)9
Head Over Heels (song)
That's Why I Love You (song)
Breaking Free (song)
I Miss (song)
Winter Came Early (song)
Cheater (song)
I Must Be Quiet (song)
The Past Reawakened
Wicked Fantasy 2
Snake (song)
He Knew (song)
Instinct (song)81
Tell Me
Dark Heart (song)
Useless Heart
Country Summer 1
Never Will I Ever (song)
Secret of My Heart
You Don't Know Me