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Hey, I've written poems for a lot of years, probably going on a decade or so now. They aren't anything special. But they are from the heart. Writing helps me deal with this INSANE world, and I think that you all would agree that it helps to heal. I write because I want others to know that they aren't alone. If anyone can relate to my poems, even just a little bit, then I've done what I've tried to do. If you take the time to comment, I'll be sure to return the favor!

Poem titleVoter ratingComments
Perfect Life72
Mom & Dad 3
Graduation 1
Blame 3
Friend or Foe73
High Schools82
As the wind blows 1
Love (& Softball) 1
Life 2
Morado 1
My Oath To You* 1
Add your own line(s) 7
Untitled 6
As you held me 1
My Only Grandma91
I'm not sure what it is~ it is my sister's 1
My Life Support 1
Soldier Sister 2
Softball Girls 2
Words 1
My blessings93
My angels82
My story8.52
Where've you been? 1
Changing 1
Deep 2
I'm just me 1
My world 1
Later 1
Team of Love81
From These Eyes 1
Broken 2
What do you do? 1
Two Minds 1
Hidden 1
What's next? 1
Strong 1
Because We Have To 2
This Dream 1
These Brothers 1
Thoughts to You 3
Numb 1
Close Your Eyes 1
I Know Her 2
If Ever You Fall 1
A Poem 2
I Don't Get It 1
Why I write 2
One man's decision 1
Who I try to be 2
Get out of here 1
Scared to fail 2
Another Day Begun 2
Writer's Block 2
Those Were the Days 5
Everyone and Everything91
Her Silent Tears94
Junior Year 2
My Role-Model 1
The pages of my Diary8.54
He says she loved me91
To Call Him Mine 3
Life is93
Can't Wait83
An angel fell 6
Perfectly Misunderstood91
Falling 2
Land of the Free94
Graduation Night (change?)93
Senior Year 4
Pretender 2
You Again 1
Home in Captivity 1
Little Moments 1
Don't 1
On the Outside81
Modern Lit8
Guilty Conscience82
Is the Grass Always Greener8.51
Road Trip82
The Story of My Masquerade 1
Lyrical Chaos
Lost at Sea
Crumbling 3
Breathe into Me 1
Too Many Pieces
Losing It 1
Anticipating the Crumble91
Just a Girl 1
A Shattered Shelf
Lovely Demise 1
We Could Work91
My Secret 1
Like Clockwork
Note to Self
Through the Dark
A Losing Battle82
Penny on the Tracks 1
Breathe Out
Hands 1
Enough 1
City Lights
We Are
Never Give Up31
With Every Shard
It Won't Hurt Forever84