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Poem titleVoter ratingComments
Hate and Neglect 2
A Single Tear73
Stained 4
Heaven's Gates 5
See The Dawn 4
Anguish 2
Student Prayer83
Behind Her Smile94
Clayton 2
Dark Oblivion 84
Pure Insanity 92
Great Importance93
Suicidal Thoughts78
Mental Confect93
A New Life95
Poisen Lies 2
Moment Of Life94
Mixed Emotions 3
Random Thought 3
Writers block 4
4 Inch Heels52
Dancing To The Beat Of Your Drugs 1
Never Meant To Be 2
Beauty Of Our Innocence 5
Sickness 4
Open Book 4
10 Feet In The Ground 6
Place of Tomorrow 7
I Am Human 5
Take My Hand913
3 Am 2
The Kiss Of Death
A Veteran's courage