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Hey I'm Caitlin. I write when I feel the urge to get stuff out. Happy, sad or angry it doesn't matter, it's all coming out. I'm 18 years old and a freshman in college. My life is hard but so is everyone elses. I love feedback and comments so let me know how you like my stuff or even if you hate it. My email is if you need to get ahold of me to talk or whatever.

Poem titleVoter ratingComments
March Fourth 1
These Lips 2
Itís true I love(d) 1
Not your average set of brown eyes. 1
A Constant Rain 4
Daddy Dearest2.51
A story Iíll never quite understand
Death by love 1
Fear 1
David 1
As you are 1
Failure 1
I hung myself with my best friends belt (NP)
Forgiveness 1
Lets be nothing 1
Blue-grey Eyes91
Heart Shaped Scar 1
No More Abuse 1
I miss you so much it hurts. 2
Drink myself away 1
Love rhymes with hideous car wreck 1
Break 1
We grew up too fast 2
What is this?
Drowning in a sea of false hopes and foolish dreams (Simple Girl 3
Whoops. 1
You are mine 1
My Romeo
Teach me 1
Over again. 1
Love/Hate 1
Green eyed monster
Soulmate 1
Do you remember
Time 71
Walking Corpse (old)
Ugly flowers 1
Hell is a box81
One Twenty. Three. 2
Oceanic Boy81
She Wolf91
Vampyerís memory
True lies 3
Riot 1
Miss you 2
More Eye Hah
Micheal Angel