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I'm Lianna... haunted by my past, afraid of what the future may hold, and shaken by what each second brings. The pain of life keeps me alive. I will fight another day, I have become a writing machine, and write too much!! Please take some time to read a few though, especially ones with no comments.. and please, please comment. Much Love xxxxxx

Poem titleVoter ratingComments
Memories of Twink92
Everyone should know this!! 1
Speak 3
Selfish cut.78
Feeling 4
Both of us. 3
Angel buried within.44
Because of you.8.679
Bye bye bye8.69
I am not fucking invisible!!6.7817
Itís never going to end til it does. 2
Every time. 1
Goodbye my lover. 1
Our Heaven 1
I knew this would happen81
Another day at the doctors.. 2
Failing 2
I donít know whatís going on! 2
One stupid kiss. 4
Not a poem... 1
Nothing about... 2
When the world turns82
Give me your hand to hold. 1
Words of a witch 1
Kiss 2
Last Christmas.91
Lost 2
On my own. Again. 1
I want.95
Love you??? 1
Too sensible for youth. 2
I'm. 1
No longer.93
What do we do now? 1
Give it a try.83
Do I love you?72
Lianna and the mother. 1
This old crown.81
My way.82
My shell. 1
Why do you......? 1
Martin. 2
See, hear, feel93
My bedroom 1
Lianna & Chelsey... 1
No strength anymore.8.674
No one is ever there 4
Lost it all. 3
This road. 6
Getting through to you94
Invisibly dies 3
This Christmas (2005) 1
Baby Chloe .R.I.P.95
Break me.71
Here I am again. 3
Call me Angel 1
Ain't worth the strife 1
No matter what 1
Hold me tonight 2
Silent 7
Keep on. 3
Wrong time 1
In the next room81
The less I feel61
It's over, were through92