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Poem titleVoter ratingComments
chin up91
*another layer of hardness
Do we bear the sins of our Fathers?92
Mostly Cloudy92
Press On, Darling94
**unhappily ever after 1
I'm so not superwoman 1
20/20 hind sight91
night terrors92
your fired 1
I thought I knew you92
northeast springtime 1
*letting go
no fire 1
beyond repair 2
my sweet melody 1
fallen hero92
construction ahead 1
**a bitter pill91
*I'm a junkie 1
*ironic isnt it? 2
I wonder... 1
*maddness 1
rescue me 1
Shhhhhh 1
*justa dream
*mostly sunny
*stupid girl 1
*back at the start
*lets pretend71
My seckret place 2