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My love for writing Emcompasses the Deepest of thoughts Beyond the realm of The conscious. I see through my Own eyes as they Pierce through the Mirror that binds Me from myself , Seperating the life That once bloomed Within me. Oh, where did it go? I have found it... In my pen.

Poem titleVoter ratingComments
Shield of Truth
Noose of Forbidden Measures
A wrinkle Still Smooth
Aquarius' Love
Can't Go Any Further
The City 2
The Mirror in Tar
Flipping Hamburgers
What's Wrong with this Site? 4
The World of a Ghost81
Darkness Falls
Ramblings of a Trapped Soul
Listening to The Wind
The Love Of My Life81
Married With Children 1
My Home
Sometimes Moving Isn't Fun
Darkness of The Night81
It's Dark In Here
Confused Poet - 1 1
Confused Poet - 261
Confused Poet - 391
The Leaving Heart31
In Which Julius Caesar Comes Back To Life
A Beautiful Sun Falls
The Love of Wheels 1
Man with Blue eyelashes
feel me (unrequited love)