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my name is brittany i am the kind of person to hide all my thoughts in my poetry instead of telling every1 its eaiser to write than talk i like to write in third person alot too most of my poems are rely about me but i write as if its about someone else so yea

Poem titleVoter ratingComments
she doesnt know82
its so wrong yet feels so right
never ends91
lost in doubt 1
if you know whats good for you.........
blank title
long gone 1
poisin 3
where will this mystery end up
poser 2
none of the above71
out of reach 1
no future for your thoughts 2
ill add on every once in a while
gag me94
tears,words,sorrow.... 1
ill make you love me. 2
tortured soul.
its a song. 1
something about cassie ((lyrics))