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Hello,I am a houseswife from Terrell Texas and I love to write. Please read my poems and tell me what you think. Thank you I guess people don't read poems anymore

Poem titleVoter ratingComments
Revival Is Here92
IF Hope94
My Love81
Hold on too91
Live,Love,and Learn84
Light In My Eyes ( My Son Calvin's Poem ) Rewritten 2
DEAR MOMMY (letter from an unborn child if it could write)97
Revival in the land91
Let's Get High 1
" Prisoners of the Soul"
I am a Soldier 1
" Are You In Lust ?"4.51
Freedom Isn't Free...
What About This: ( In Memory Of My Sister Tammy )
My Love For You
I Don't Understand......91
Dear Daddy ( Part 2 Of Dear Mommy ). 2
Cold Heart
Take My Hand 2
You are always on my mind
How Blessed I Am 1
Freeze! Your Under Arrest 1
Nora My Sweet 1
Gone But Not forgotten 1
All I Want... 1
The Mind Is the Battlefield91
THE WEAPONS OF THE WORD (Part 2 of Mary's side)
Jenny and The Horrible Hollisters