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I am 14 years old. I'm interested in becoming a writer, it is my life long dream.I have been doing poetry pretty much my whole life.I write how i feel and i feel how i write. but i love to read poems just as much as i love to write them so if you'd pleas tell me your honest opinion...i'd be more then glad to tell you mine.Thank You -Hannah-

Poem titleVoter ratingComments
By the Ocean... 2
"California" 1
Fireflies of the night 1
Forever waiting91
Sorrowful phenomenon
I'll love you 3
Attempts of desire 2
i await for you and me 2
♥im still in love with you♥95
"17" 3
lost in the night 1
The Sharp Side Of The Blade... 2
Theres nothing for me here92
Ever since you left.... 3
/♥/ Heart Broken /♥/ 3
♥How Long Will You Stay In Ohio?♥ 2
/♥/ Please Dont Leave Me /♥/ 1
*Inocent Consumtions* 1
Blinded By The Light Of Angel... 1
/♥/ The Burning /♥/ 1
♥ Fake A Smile ♥94
...Perfect.... 3
Telling The Sea...91
Balemia... 4
The Reality Is.... 2
When i look in the mirror... 2
What do you see? 1
These are the things i hate about you91
Come with me 3
My heart is on hold... 2
I still believe... 1
All I needed was you 1
My Emotions(SONG NOT POEM) 2
Im falling[♥into a death trap♥] 2
Disgraceful Casualty
Shadows 1
if only i knew 1
Willow tree ♥92
How did you get where your at? Do you lie? Maybe hold back?