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Poem titleVoter ratingComments
°Addiction° 2
°God's Will° 1
°Big Blue Eyes°96
°Back Stabber°8.52
°Unbreakable° 5
°Love picked me°7.672
°Full of fear°3
°Throw the rope°91
°What's Goin' On?°23
°Darkness, Pain, Health° 1
°Hell° 1
°Never Leave°92
°Dream Filled Soul°61
°I'm Free° 2
°Torn° 3
°No Title°94
°Death is Knocking°81
°Embrace The Pain° 2
°Trapped Spirit°4
°In Danger°9
°You win° 1
°I started to write° 1
°Wreckless° 2
°I'm Ok° 2
°God° 2
°Long Time°
°I'm Breaking Away°
°Within My Heart°92
°Seduces Me° 3
°I'm Here°
°Please° 1
°Eternity° 1
°True Friend°
°My Dream°
°The Pain Would Stop°9
°A Million Tears° 1