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I will have my own book out soon called "ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE HEART" i hope anyone who likes my work will take a look at it,,, thank you.

Poem titleVoter ratingComments
The Rose 1
Dont Want to be the one.( short song lyrics)92
People. 1
This is me8.54
Sacrafice 3
Dream 1
Short Poem 1
Climbing 1
Grandpa 1
Losers Table.(song lyrics) 1
Our world today 1
When it doesn't matter.( song lyrics) 1
Gods way92
My Glasses81
My Wings 1
My Girl 1
Inner Demons 1
Crazy Love 1
Having you 93
break down (inspired by eleanor)93
The Dream of her 1
The Fighter 1
Inside You. 1
Little Diddy92
9-11-2001..........written 9 -11-2011 2
All Alone51
Patterns of the world 2
hear me ( my voice on high)91
One Night (pt 1)
My Craving 1
Uncaring. 1
I can't see in my heart 1
Untie my Rage. 1
Crime Scene
Xmas nite
Mystic Plain of Reality
All Hallows Eve.
How do u kno ( when it's love) 3
Always Near
Reality of life 1
Lonesome Pitcher
gangsta rap ( from the crib) 1
Figures on the moon. 1
War and Peace 1
Loves Lullaby 2
The Dancer81
I can dream 1
The Unreachable 1
Love is my prison 2
Rain of tears. 1
Love is blind 1
I am 1
Nightmare 1
The Sailor
Holiday Jingle 1
My Darkest Hour 1
It's alright now. 2
Madness is my Hero 2
Christmas Stuff 1
The Drum Major this the end? 1
I get violent 2
Honor 1
A Soul to Cry. 3
If not for me 1
Laugh at your fear.93
Dark Thoughts92
Black Patterns of Life 1
For the bell tolls
Chance for Re-mance 2
Blood Line 1
Battered Bed91
Sometimes u Hear the Bullet 3
Heart unbroken But needs Mending92
The C.o.p. 1
Many Shades of Blue 1
Nation versus Nation. 1
A Real Love.9
are you my ( everything) 1
Negative Friends 2
How do you say goodbye? 1
christmas is here 1
Fears Unfeared. 2
Colors of Me93
The Planet Earth91
"i dont wanna say goodbye"91
All this time.