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The Day
I'm Saving my Black and Red Wine Gums
Wake Up To Love
My Garden Unicorn8
I Want to Kiss
The Silence of Snow7
Another Small Step
Love is a Mugger
On Letters that I Never Wrote
Timeless Love 1
A Short Poem on Writer's Block
The Poem and the Poet
My Many Girlfriends
She's My Only8
Just Who Did They Crucify?
This Shall Never Get Old
The Black Dog of Depression
Love of my Life
What She Is
Together Forever9
Last Exit for Love
Shona and Sandy Seahorse9
A Queen and Her Knight
An Atheist at Christmas
Come and Lay Aside Me Lass
Words are not Enough (10 word poem)
Is This You?
The Lost Boys
Another Christmas Over (10 word poem)
Train Announcement (10 word poem)
Insomnia (10 word poem)
Too Old for That Now (10 word poem)
The Old Lady (10 word poem)5
Are We There Yet?
A Very Special Love
Lovers are Never Apart8
It's Your Choice (10 word poem)
A Guilty Pleasure
I Want to Kill You - With Love9
Poor Pan
Do You Know?
Epitaph for an Ex-girlfriend 1
The Average Person
Xenophobes (10 word poem)
Job for Life8
Get Used to it8