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Tears on my pillow, words in my mind, emotions surround me, as thoughts intertwine, Sorting out the mess, of an everyday life, redording their memories, begin; story of my life.... Newest Poems: Crimson Irony Email me @ siLenTAnGeL2323@netscape.net Make sure you put the subject as "Poems"

Poem titleVoter ratingComments
The End of the Road 1
Shatter 3
We Used To 1
Forget-Me-Nots 8
Rose Blood93
Undefined 1
The Many Sides of Me 1
A Poem82
Stallion 1
Free 1
Diamond 1
Defy 1
Model 1
Fantasy 1
Abstruse 1
Ink 1
Faint Memory 2
Silhouette 1
Tea Party at Grandmother Willow's 1
Sailor 1
Angel of Death 1
Breathe 1
Inside Myself I Bleed These Fears 2
Clowns 1
I'm Sorry
Concrete Porcelan 2
Crimson Irony