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I'm 16 so I guess I have all that 'teenage hormones' stuff so I write poems to vent it and needed somewhere to put them. I appreciate all comments, even criticism, provided it's put in a reasonably nice way lol. Thank you if you do read any of my poems.

Poem titleVoter ratingComments
Why Do I Exist?98
Hopes 3
Every time 3
I am 3
I don't know 1
I sit here 4
I wish 1
Like an open wound82
Untitled 1 1
Untitled 2
What's the point? 2
I promised 1
Trust 1
Crying, as always71
Untitled 3 1
Be Careful83
Untitled 4 1
I'm fine 1
Tears 1
Fear 1
Little words 1
Lust 1
Cried To Sleep 1
Alphabetical Me 3
Would I?
Too Young3.53