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Marco here. umm...i like to believe my "writings" come about organically. each poem was inspired by a single moment in my life. so its quite honestly a moment in my life. its all those thoughts and feelings coming together and making mental pictures that could never REALLY be described. but this is my attempt. my love and defeat and my self. *smiles*

Poem titleVoter ratingComments
Mercy's Sake (Divinity) 1
Midnight Chat73
Memories 1
Weather for Two 1
Midnight 1
The Light at the End
Thanks for Caring
Goodbye to Misery
The Division of Freedom and Society 2
Life Less Innocent 1
On Why They're Wrong
Outside My Room 1
A New Love42
Exhausting 1
Somber Regret
Love Lost Soliloquiy
Tomorrow and Friendship 3
Pretty Words 2
I Swear91
Finding You
Aim to Please 2