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hey whats up, leaving out all big details, that way no one can judge my writting based on if im a girl, guy, black, white, or anyother color.... but u can send me email if u want.. hddntruth03@yahoo.com cause i love getting email:)

Poem titleVoter ratingComments
and i watched as it all fell apart.... 12
lifes just a sad song... 2
were all clones94
defeat 1
Crimson Stained Dreams45
they never help 1
my life i guess... 1
rain takes me away 3
and my world crumbled because of you and your ways 1
no one knew... 1
ill be safe again 1
imitation of pain 2
Ironic 1
true smiles 5
poem for an old friend 1
dont know a name..english hmwk 2
this personal nightmare
Hello, Goodbye
best friends51
Let's live 1
impressionable mirrors 1