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Poem titleVoter ratingComments
Perfect Love(48)7.3854
Be ever(10)5.339
The Deep and Lofty(4)74
I send my Love(6)7.676
Tiny Orb(3)62
I Think of You(7)88
Summer Rain(5)7.335
If I Were An Eagle(6)95
Waiting is a Jewel(3)92
In The Balance(3)6.53
My Two Moms(9)99
Destiny's End (9)99
My Daughter The Private Eye(4)74
To All Who Will(8)98
Rainbow's End(3) 3
These Four Angels(3)93
Thankful Fall(1)61
Thank You(2)93
Unity Poem(6) 6
No High Like The Most High(21)6.2521
I Try Sigh(2) 2
Take Me Along(21)921
I Believe(11)911
Just Another Character(4)64
The Elements(3)93
Archimedes and Pleiades(2) 2
Spiritual Sensation(10)910
December Dream(8)98
You Love Me God(8)8.679
This Tunnel of Night(12)911
The Gift(10)8.510
Angel of the Second Order(2)92
Mandate of Love(2) 2
Summer Sound(8)88
Mansions (Etheree Form Poem) for a Contest.(6) 6
God Human ( A Diamante Form Poem) for a Contest.(5)45
Joy of The Lord ( A Palindrome Form Poem) for a Contest. (4) 4
Pi In The Eye(4) 4
My God, You Know Me(7)96
Renew(1) 1
Torn Between Two Worlds(5)85
Winds of Fear(2) 2
God's Grace Is Sufficient For Me(3) 3
Miracle Of Phoebe(4)94
Merely Merehorses(7) 7
THE ALL(3)94
Abide(5) 5
What can I do?(4)84
Where is Home?(8)68
King Canard(3) 3
War and Peace(5)8.55
Yogi Berra(4)84
Boundries (4) 4
What's the Point (4) 4
Animated Mannequins In A Still Life Mall(6)86
What The World Needs Now (16)817
My Marine (3)5.674
What The World Needs Today (6)5.676
When I' ve Run The Last Mile Of This Race (3)64
Holy Of Holies (4)94
Adversity(1) 1
If I Have A Mind To (2)92
Jeff (2) 3
Come Through The Door Of The Healing Garden (1) 1
My Desire(2)53
Matthew Twenty Four (3) 5
Merry Christmas To all my poetic friends! (3) 3
A Tribute to C.S.Lewis (6)98
Draw Near to Me 2
Can You Hear That Rumble83
In the Gray Skies
Always Disappointed95