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favorite emotion...? Anticipation... favorite game...?Disgression. What are yours???

Poem titleVoter ratingComments
the beginning of the end93
principal abuse95
what lies between the sheets 2
happy b.d. nightmare... 1
our mistake ...a sequel to principal abuse
hide and seek9
when you're hangin overer 3
D O M I N I Q U E 3
Alien Baby93
"minor setback" slashed in the face ...50 stitches... 3
see 1
to live the life...
yee ha! 1
a statement from Duckie.82
a steatement...of patience. 2
have you ever felt so done?
have you ever felt so done?
Dirt Bag
?bound to utter/utter to bound?
waking up...like a memory 1
my moms birthday 2