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You can guess what my name is right.I'm 17 and a Londoner,I write poetry because sometimes I get the urge to pick up a pen,after that the pen does the rest and people seem to like what comes out so that encourages me as well.I read every comment and appreciate them all,allot of the time their a reason for writing.To aspiring poets-believe in your own ability,I still remember looking at the AOL teen poetry board wishing I could write something that wouldn't be laughed at,and I think I pulled that off now,so whatever you want to do just put your energies into it and chances are it will happen. My biggest influence has to be Tupac Amaru Shakur,The Rose that grew from concrete,definatly one of the best ever poets,he was never supposed to make a difference but he did and his message is still relevant for us today.Whatever talent I have I'm thankful to God for giving me.Hope you like what you see,the little stars indicate my favourite poems and the numbers just let me know if I've had a new comment my msn is jay_jay.w@hotmail.com -feel free to message me or www.myspace.com/jay_jay.w_999,feel free to add me,love p.s I'm still here on this site forever,right now im focusing on a music angle though,my stuff wouldnt realy suit this site,but course i'll still drop some poems along the way

Poem titleVoter ratingComments
*Unloved* (2) 2
A girl like you (3) 3
*London Bomdingz* (2)92
What is poetry? (4) 4
*Meditations of my heart* (2) 2
*Being a man means* (3)83
Life (2) 2
They lied about stayin (2) 2
*Coming to see you* (1) 1
R.I.P (2) 2
*Domestic Violence* (4)95
Will you go out with me? (2) 2
R U cheatin on me (3) 3
Emotions and poetry (2)4.52
Iím sorry6
You no longer have my heart (2) 2
Dreaming of you(1) 1
My concerns (2) 2
Falling in love (1)91
Meant to be (1) 1
*Can you journey with me?* (2)92
If you knew (3) 3
Waiting for that first kiss (1) 1
And still I smile (2) 2
*Love at 15* (4) 4
*When your heart turns cold* (4) 5
Pain (4)94
*Being Dumped* (3)73
The hit before the fight (2) 2
Too much like a guy (3) 3
The thought of you (5)95
Welcome to the new world (5)5.675
*The Final Chapter* (8)98
*Ready to Die* (11)912
*Whatís going on?* (1)81
The threats honest (4) 4
Thank God 4 technology(1)81
Invisible Angel
I hope we stay together
*I think we should split* (0) 1
*A winterís night* (3) 3
*Nothing Gold Can Stay* (1)91
*2005* (2) 2
*The hearts of man* (1)91
*Sorry* (2)92
*The crossroads of Love* (1)91
*One more sad love poem* (2)72
*Diamond in the dirt* (3) 3
*Sexual Rebirth* (0)
*Black Girl Lost* (7)8.677
*My last poem* (5)95
It's Becky (1)81
Why me? (0)
Have you ever been in Love? (2) 2
*Letter to the Prime minister* (2)82
One last time (0)
*You are a part of me* (3) 3
Before I met you (2) 2
A womanís touch (2) 2
For us to make it through (0)
*Time of Your Life* (2) 2
Alone (2) 2
*Pain, love and writing* (5) 5
*Let it go* (1) 1
Different heights (1) 1
New heights (1) 1
Denni (3) 3
9 months (2) 2
Tormented Rain (2) 2
Sex, Drugs and on the Doll (8) 7
*Searching for The 1* (0)
See it from a girlís eyes (0)
*And then there were you* (0)
*I Pray* (2)92
The Power of Love (3)83
Lonely Girl(1) 1
Falling in lust (3) 3
You are appreciated(0)
*Fly in Love* (1)91
You broke my heart today(3)83
Ms. Perfect(1) 1
$old my soul to poetry(3)83
Sad Poem(4)94
Shangri-la(3) 3
The unappreciated artist (1)91