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Poem titleVoter ratingComments
Drops Of Pain6.36
We Just Met5.4
Past, Present, Future6.5
The Perfect Love7
If I Told You7.25
A Child From The Past6.5
I Want.......5.33
Troubled Friendships7
Not Me6
Not Meant To Be7
Sad Christmas7.88
The Loss5
Death(this poem sux ass!!!)5
Does Heaven Have A Phone Number?6.86
Some I Found On The Net and one in a play
Remember Me5
Never Say Forever8
My Friend5.2
Leaving You5
Feeling Of Love5
He's Not Here4.5
A Poem For The Grieving8
Dont Drink And Drive6
Why Now?7
I Want You To Know7.5
Cinderella Moment7
Religion the Divider5