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Craney is my Nickname. I am a guy who adores nature, love, and hot chocolate. I am the Canadian individual.

Poem titleVoter ratingComments
Love on the high way 4
Don't touch the girl! 2
Sleeky (The story about Tender Cat)
Cry of Soldier (you should be +18 years old to read that)
Nice chicks are moving slowly (Song) 1
So powerful paws! (Very Horrible Song)
Lazy man
Welcome love and husband too
Imagine for a while
Anika is God follower (Song) 3
Charona's Prayer81
Precious Heaven92
Arpita (in regard to my classmate) 1
Arpita is a lover ( you have to be at least 18 years old to read
Lost In Cave (Scary Story)
The Story About Unlucky Max (You need to be at least18 years old 3
Cold Winter91
Oh My Beloved One
What I believe in
Improvisation (from the story " Alice in Wonderland")
Struggle in the Night
I have tried to reach you
Ultimate Love (Song)
The Story About Hedgehog Who Committed Sin
The Place Where You Wouldn’t Want To Be 1
Hello Dear Christians
Sleeky (Part 2) (You should be at least 18 years old to read thi
Oh Father 1
The Death of Michael Jackson 1
Guys are we truly in love with girls?
Santa Claus’s Advice
Suicide Prevention92
One not very long story or Don't talk to the Strangers
Because of You to Kelly Clarkson 1
Christianity and Sexual Immorality 2
Sisters at the Dinner Party
Bad Guy
The words which I wished to share to Jesus's Disciples 1
Maybe I didn’t fall in love8
What I think about Muslims 2
God is Unfathomable 1
Molson Fellows
Strange Happiness
I am Praying 1
Jake�s Big Bark
B Story.
Wonderful Summer Evening