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The year passed by like days
In your hand, my hand carefully placed
And that familiar smile appears on your face
Your simple touch
Still make my heartbeat race

When I look deep within your eyes
And you in mine
We?ve come to realize
That our love so deep and pure
Can bid no lies
The only tears that we shed
Were tears of happiness that cried
I love you so much more now 
Then I ever did before
If possible, I even may love you more
All from a feeling we did not ignore
Together we chose to explore

I don't know what you saw in me, 
What I saw in you was the life that was to be
More so on the day when you and I
became "We"
I can honestly say with all my heart
I love you Kasey
Never shall our love part

Posted: 2011-09-29 01:28:43 UTC

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