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I once was happy to be alive
Living life day to day
Now all I have is this pain
Because, I fell for you all over again
I should have got out
Listened to everyone around me
And find someone new
Someone who is better
Better than you!
I stayed because I loved you
but I was so dumb 
Because, I honestly thought
Thinking that you were the one i got.
Can't believe I fell for you again
How stupid can I be
Believing that everything will work out
That everything will be ok
Believing in forever
Blinded by my own eyes
Me with my heart shattered into pieces
And denying my lies
I was healing 
Healing inside! 
The process was never completed
For I was blinded and defeated 
By your stupid lies
Had a chance at freedom
And to say my good-bye's
But my love for you over powered 
And now my love for you has been devoured
I thought I was right to be with you
But I couldn't take it anymore
The way you treated me
Was so unkind
I felt as if I were there only for your entertainment and
nothing more
Secluded myself to believing that it was all in my mind
It's not fair that I spent months trying to heal
When you tore me apart
Then in an instant I let you back in this stupid heart
You have this hold on me 
That I can't break free
I got fed up with the way you were treating me
So I told you I'm done 
I'm through, I can't let myself go through this anymore
It hurts to much, I need to get away
All you said was "I'm sorry you feel that way"
I had no pain
No sorrow just the feeling of the freedom that I once had
I thought that I was going to be sad
But when I read what you sent 
I never even cared for what we had.
So congratulations Zach you turned into your dad!!!
Posted: 2017-09-01 22:16:45 UTC

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