Devil's Lullaby, by *Psychopathic Child* Subscribe to rss feed for *Psychopathic Child*

Its calls for me in the midst of night
With a proposition at hand
At first it gave me quite a fright
But then I begin to understand
It was the Devil's Lullaby
Telling me to follow
I go to say good-bye
My soul starts to feel hollow
Then images begin to form
In front of my eyes
My heart begins to warm
Keeping me from the devil's cry
They say "STAY AWAY!"
But I can't help but ignore
The lullaby's call is too strong
It's seeps into my core
Telling me this is where I belong
I keep going intent on saying good-bye
Another image comes my way
It's my family starting to cry
The image starts to fade away
I stopped and stared
Something isn't right
Didn't even know they cared
I knew I had to fight
To stay alive
And keep from falling prey
To the Devil's Lullaby

Posted: 2017-09-06 20:52:46 UTC

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2012-07-18 23:01:00stsorrowscribe
always good to turn away from darkness, very well written