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The wind blows whispering through the sky                 
With a secret we can only find
Within the secret we are blind
For the words that it hides behind
The only way to truly see is to look deep inside
Behind the Burning flames of destiny's design
But we can truly find the truth that we try so hard to find
Behind our true heart?s desire
Confined beyond the burning embers of Fire
Once we think we've found the truth beyond Destiny's design
She has something else to unwind
Destiny has a trick that she hides
To make it hard to find
Once we think we've gotten to the truth of Destiny's design
Destiny intervenes with the water that's holding us behind
the true design
To find the trick she hides
Is to be defined which can only be seen when we truly
believe what's behind are destiny is truly what we want to
Once we've realized that it wasn't that hard to find
Destiny's true design
We figured out the trick she hides and opens are eyes and
found the
truth that was inside
The Earth opens up and allows us to see the power that's
Is part of Destiny's design to help us find the destiny that
was so hard to find
What was needed to help us see our Destiny's design
Is to think beyond what we see
And understand what the words truly mean
Posted: 2011-09-29 01:46:39 UTC

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