Frozen Once Again, by *Psychopathic Child* Subscribe to rss feed for *Psychopathic Child*

There is so much I can't say
When I look into your eyes
My words are taken away
Every single time
One day I want to tell you
How much I truly love you

The way you say my name
It sounds like a prelude
In its allusion of love
With that loving attitude
As if coming from the sky above
With your hand pressed against mine
Everything seemed fine

When we were together 
You somehow came across the key
Discovering so much more
Deep within me
You found that hidden place
Frozen in ice
You found my heart
And managed to open the door
Without much of a fight
Found my heart torn apart
I cried in pain
Wondering if it?s going to happen again
One year passed and everything was alright
Then you broke my heart that night
I know it was worth so much
To allow my heart and soul to be touched
Without putting up to much a fight
I was there to hold you tight

I wonder if my eyes are deceiving
Playing games with me, are we?
With you standing there
Just to prove that I really care
Are you really that scared?
Why are you pushing me further away?
If you don't want me near 
just tell me
And I will forever disappear

One day, I will see
If you still love me
With all your heart
I know that I love you with mine
Until the day I die
Your footprints still remain on my frozen heart
Even though you tore me apart.
Posted: 2011-09-29 01:53:53 UTC

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