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Why did you never encourage me?
Always bring me down
So I took it upon myself to turn my life around
To do what I do best
Slice my flesh
To feel loved again
You never cared about me
Or what I felt
All you did was say
You never do anything with your life
That caused me so much pain
You admitted 
That you hated me 
Wished I was dead
So I made you proud of me for once
I finally did something with my life
I ended it with dignity
And with that sharp knife
Despite my insanity
You shed a tear
But that?s not because you?re sad
It?s because you?re mad
That I finally did something with my worthless life
When I picked up that knife
And slid it upon my wrist
Bled out on the floor
I felt no pain
No abuse
I?m in a better place
Away from your disgrace
Didn?t you see it in my cold dead eyes?
All that I felt deep inside
That pain you caused 
When you told me I did nothing with my life
That I?m worthless
Look at me now sprawled on the floor
As your standing at the door
All the emptiness inside
Is all you caused throughout my dreadful life
So thank you
I ended it just for you
But remember this 
I?m dead because of you
Posted: 2011-09-29 02:00:23 UTC

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