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You were there when I took my first steps
Walking unsteadily across the floor
You encouraged and guided
Until my steps went out the open door
You were there for my brothers and I
And guess what were all together in my eyes
You would always go the extra mile
Just to see your children smile
You were always there through thick and thin
Always bringing the best of us within
You've made many mistakes
But that never stopped you 
From doing whatever it takes
Worked yourself to the bone
Trying to make our house into a home
You were brought to us to be our guide
The one who will stand by our side
I know we weren't always the best to be around
But you always kept your head above ground
With one who is never around
The one that always wants to be around
And with me the one who is stuck in between
But that never stopped your love
You were always there through our pain and strife
You will stay constant in our life
Even though were somewhat far apart 
Doesn't mean that you?re not in our heart
When life brings me down 
I know that you will lend me a helping hand
Until I have the strength and courage to stand
When those hardships come our way
Even when life goes astray
You?re the one who listen well
And you keep your word that you will never tell
When you know there is something wrong 
You?re the one who pokes and pries
But when we don't want to talk
You stand quietly by our side
When I want to do something on my own
Like going back to school
You?re the one who gave me the strength I need
Always encouraging me to succeed
You?re always there when time needs you to be strong 
When we need someone to lean on
You?re all this and more to me
I'm glad that this is who you chose to be
Thank you for being who you are 
You are the best mom by far
You?re always there for us from day to day
We appreciate all that you've done
So Happy Mother's Day
Posted: 2011-09-29 02:13:04 UTC

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