Life as a FairyTale, by *Psychopathic Child* Subscribe to rss feed for *Psychopathic Child*

Are life seems like an illusion
An urban fantasy that was created in the mind of a lonely
But instead of it being an enchanted castle
It's in an apartment which we somewhat live
Instead of their being a dragon causing mass destruction
It's a cat causing sweet mischief
Instead of their being one prince and one princess
There are two which names escape my mind
There?s another
An outcast of some sort and that is the guardian he who
protects us within our castle
But is accompanied by another outcast of the same and she
protects us within our hearts
By some force may they find their own happy ending if not
one another
(This is my life as a FairyTale)
Posted: 2011-09-29 02:15:28 UTC

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