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Day after day, I think of you
I can?t believe that it?s true
I still can?t except that you?re gone
I haven?t seen you in so long
I think of you and I start to cry
I never even got the chance to say good-bye.
Every picture that I see
I can?t believe that you?re not next to me
I smell that familiar scent
I start to remember all the time we?ve spent
I know we didn?t always get along
Even when we talked, it came out all wrong
There are many things I never got to say
I never thought that you would be so far away
You are my brother
I love you like no other
In my heart you will always be
You will be my guide and help me see
I miss your soothing voice
I would take your place if I had that choice
You have to rest
Without my brother, my life is a mess
I miss you with all my heart
I wish we never had to part
Now, let the music of the angel?s
Be the sweetest sound that you hear
As you soar to heaven
And shed no more tears
The memory of you shall not be forgotten
My brother, my friend
My love will reach you
Until we meet again
I know that you will always be my side
So this is my loving good-bye

In Memory of 
Trystain Scott Light
October 26, 1982~July 30, 2010
Posted: 2011-09-29 02:17:07 UTC

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