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The dream gave me chills up and down my spine
It scared me so
That I will never forget
What happened that fateful night?
In my horrifying nightmare
To lose someone that dear
Threw me to devastating tears
Sad and alone
With no one to hold
The nightmare I had was so fierce
Nothing could compare
I swear it was so real
Even in my subconscious state of mind it was surreal
You could hear my whimper and cry
For someone to help
But no soul could hear
Losing that one I hold so dear
My brother kidnapped and put up for years
But to find him I had one hint
And that was HIM
With my face in confusion
I figured it out
That god awful puzzle
That gave me my doubts
I said "Michael"
I ran in the direction which I did not know
I start to cry
A flood of tears
I could not find him
I thought him to be dead
Just like his best friend
But in the distance
I see a cage
I run towards it
like a force pulled me that way
In the midst of my rage
I find my brother half naked and beaten
I could barely recognize him
I only could by his eyes
The very eyes of our mother
Kind and mysterious
I say "Jason" with a slight stutter
He says my name
I break the lock
I embrace him
He embraces me I start to cry
Crying in his arms
I start to say "they gave me this paper"
With a whimper and a cry
I pull away and give it to him, "this is the only thing
gave you away."
I woke up crying
Scared and unspoken
How my heart was so very broken
Posted: 2011-09-29 02:18:11 UTC

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