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Never seem to do anything right
All we did was fight
I ruined your life and broke it in two
Although my love for you is still true
I?m the one to blame
You asked me to keep your heart safe and warm
All I ended up doing was shatter your heart and became your
Ripped from the seams
I was mean and cruel
Not sure why 
I?m alone with only the tears I cry
To warm my lonely and cold night
Everyone was right
I am the apple that poisoned the rest
I tore you apart
Because I was the one that broke your heart
Poison to everything that I touch 
I?m sorry for everything
For your broken heart that I cannot mend
You deserve better 
Better than me!
The rose that bleeds black
Is me everything I touch I ruin
The apple that poisoned the rest
And turn lust to dust
Your broken heart I can?t mend
And so this is the bitter end
For both of us my dear friend
And yet you say there?s room to talk
But is it worth trying to salvage 
No matter how hard we try 
It?s seems all we know is good-bye
It?s not that I don?t want to try but I fear
We?ll end up in the same place
Fallen from grace
You say it?s the risk your willing to take
I don?t think that love is going to be enough
I know it's going to be rough
A lot of elbow and grease
I?m willing to go the extra mile
And see your amazing smile
Posted: 2011-09-29 02:20:17 UTC

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