Scarlet Prt. 4: Revenge, by *Psychopathic Child* Subscribe to rss feed for *Psychopathic Child*

She sits in that same chair 
Waiting, sulking in her own despair
You can see deep thoughts running through her eyes
She?s planning something that no one can identify 
She waits for everyone to disappear
So that she can do something that she?s been planning for
this past year
Thinking back to that night
She can?t bare the pain
She loves him just the same
She takes revenge on herself
For what she took away
So today she says good-bye
To those she caused so much pain
Her name is Scarlet 
And this is her story
Of her deep dwelling demise 
But is her eternal glory
Posted: 2011-09-29 02:25:01 UTC

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