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There's been many times
That I wanted to commit suicide
The knife sits by my side
As if its calling my name
So I slowly pick it up
And press it against my soft flesh
I begin to glide the knife
My blood flows through my skin
It stings a bit
But i don't care
It feels to good to stop
My mind is calm
Then I begin to think that it's unfair
To all the people I would hurt
Because of my selfish act
So I stop and stare
At my wrist that's now covered in my despair
And now there's another scar
Of my failure to commit suicide
Posted: 2017-09-01 22:48:55 UTC

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2011-10-17 01:27:27Jameela
I feel you pain

2011-10-17 05:30:12deep_emotions
even though its about a real terrible subject but its amazing, its kinda how i have felt so many times in my life