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Here before you, my love
Is a letter from me to you
A letter from my heart
The very one you tore apart
This letter is saying how much I miss you
I?m so lost without you

Do you know just how much
I long for your caressing touch
How I want you near
Do you ever think of me, my dear?
When I close my eyes
I imagine you touching my face
And immediately I feel your warm embrace

I love you so much it hurts
That you?re not here
I feel so close to you when we talk
As if we are together
Hand in hand
Walking into forever
Feeling your breath on my lips
When we give in and kiss

To my lover
I feel you slowly fading away from my soul
As though you?re a million miles away
Stuck in a place unknown
You say, you?re going through a selfish phase
Your heart and mind is like a maze
I can?t bear the thought of losing you
How can I ever live that way
I love you
I feel so lost and sad
There are many things going through my head
Tell me something, my love
How often do you think of me?
Please write back
Tell me, how much you loved me
Let me know how much you cared
That is something I need to bear

Let me know one way or another
Do you honestly love me or not?
Tell me what lies deep within your heart
I need to know
So I can determine whether or not to try and let you go
What will I do?
When I can?t live without you

If you want me to leave you alone
And never bother you again
I will do as you please
I will let my days pass me by
When I tell you that final good-bye
Posted: 2011-09-29 02:32:01 UTC

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