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I wish I could be the one that holds you tight
In the dusk of the moonlight
I would never let you go
Just let our bodies get tangled and let the sparks flow
You can hear my heart pitter patter
With every breath taking touch
When the morning light slowly creeps through the window
I look at you and see that you?re not just my fantasy
But my forever reality
With you laying by my side
I look within your eyes
Where you can see my love tells no such lies
When we kiss in that moment your soft lips touched mine
It felt like sweet explosions of ecstasy 
This in the past seemed like a doomed prophecy
Tears now streaming down my face
The tears of complete happiness
With the one that I have loved since before I can remember
Who I can finally embrace
For now and forever I know my place
Posted: 2011-09-29 02:37:28 UTC

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