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Eternal Love is that perfect bond
Between you and me
But what exactly does that mean?
I thought about it with you, not far from my mind
This is what it means to me;
Our lives are intertwined

You are my lover and my friend
Fulfilling my hearts every desire
Forever has no end
For it was you who ignited my everlasting fire
We belong together
That is what I believe
I gave you my heart and soul
You complete me by making me whole
Although we had to part
You still own my heart
The love I have for you 
It has no end
Never will it go away
When we meet again
I hope you remember
That my love for you 
Will always remain true
As those years slowly creep by
My love for you will never die

I will always be your goddess
With you day or night
As the sun shines in the blue sky
Or the starlit night
Posted: 2011-09-29 02:40:44 UTC

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