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It feels like forever since you left me
I think about you constantly 
Throughout the night and day
Whenever I get lonely
I think about what you would say
And if you still love me in every way 

I have never loved someone
As much as I love you
Even though you hurt me
My love for you will always remain true

There's so much to ask
So much I'd like to say
Why did you have to leave me?
Did everything have to end that way?
I start to think back to the last day I saw you
The hurt I saw in your eyes
And the hurt in mine
I never once thought
That this would be our good-bye

If I could take anything back
It would be the lonely nights
And sad days
Instead I'm writing of my lonely days
I could be holding you tight  
In this cold bitter night
Posted: 2011-09-29 02:43:02 UTC

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