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Certain times of year
Compel me to sit and think
Shedding many tears
Of the pain that shadows me
Making me feel alone
Trapped within my enemy
I try to run away
But it?s always there
Haunting my every thought
More than I can bear
The pain takes over 
Darkness where I can?t see
I try to defeat them
I just want to be free
Caught in so much
Soon to become their prey
I cry silent tears alone
Left to find my own way
I can?t escape the dreams
For their constant follow
The scenes play over
So deep they leave me hallow
They become nightmares
That will always stay
Events which are real
Every detail set to replay
Will it always be like this?
Waking up in agony
I want to run away
Its useless with anxiety
I was left alive 
Never to forget my enemies
Never can I escape
These painful memories 
Posted: 2011-11-11 00:37:14 UTC

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