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Do you care why?
I'm lonely and in pain
I had to say good-bye
And your the one to blame

Crimson teardrops
Fall from my heart
Shattered and broken 
Since we've been apart

Look deep inside yourself
There is a place of unseen
Filled with pain and sorrow 
It holds our shattered dreams

You see that place of cold
Where no hope or faith is seen
Its a direct link inside my soul
Life not worth living wouldn't it seem

You see that place of black and blue
Keeps all I had to bare
It all came from you
Living with heartache and despair

You see that place unknown
Jumping from scene to scene
Its the life of what's known
From you being horrible and mean

You see that place of darkness
Holding all the pain inside
Its the feelings of loneliness
Where no one hears my cries

You see that place cracking
Where it cannot mend
Its the love our life was lacking
That is why it had to end
Posted: 2013-07-17 03:28:23 UTC

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2013-07-25 21:08:15Golden Ghetto Kidd
Dis is a great poem Check some of mines out if you get the chance

2013-10-20 05:16:15stsorrowscribe
Wonderful, well written, good flow, and I can feel the emotion, well done