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My mind is filled with laughter and smiles
Feeling safe and secure
That seems to go on for miles
My mind is pure
No longer isolated or on my own
I'm grateful for my life
Even though I'm alone
I don't think about that knife
But then it happens, that sudden turn
Dark and deadly memories rush my brain
And my anxiety start to burn
Igniting every inch of my pain
It's too hard to control
Blood on fire throughout my veins
My entire life is set ablaze
I feel like I'm going insane
All that made sense is now a dark haze
My life's become a hot mess
Anger burns through me
So I try tearing into my flesh
I let my blood run
While I lie there broken
Ashamed of what I've done
My agony won't be spoken
I isolate myself
I just want to be alone
But the pain is even worse
When I'm on my own
Expressing how I feel
Is hard for me to do
Instead I hide and just deal
With everything I've been through
I know the time will come
When my brain has shifted
And I will soon be home
My soul will be uplifted.
Posted: 2013-07-27 06:56:11 UTC

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2013-09-21 12:13:11Jameela
Just Perfect.