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drip, drop
Bloody tears fall
From the constant pain
I've given life my all

The pain is intense
Feeling so Low
I need to bleed
And let my blood flow

Satisfaction overwhelms me
Slicing my wrist
The pain is subsiding
It's better if I didn't exist?

Silence comes over me
While lying in wait
The pain slowly fades 
This is my fate

Anguish falls over me
Realizing what's been done
I feel accomplished
The battle is won

I'm getting weak
So I close my eyes
Feeling so free
As I die

I wake up in the hospital
To everyone staring horrified
Not understanding why
To be honest neither do I
Posted: 2014-06-11 07:19:46 UTC

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2014-06-23 07:56:53Malcolm Moss
Like the last stanza.