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Our family stood around me
Eyes full of excitement and joy
As the minutes turned to hours
Waiting for the arrival of our baby boy

I feel the pressure it comes and goes
Family came to visit then left the room
Watched the doctors come and go
But still no movement from baby in the womb

I waited anxiously trying not to cry 
Then the Doctor says with a grin
"I do hope your ready" 
"Because it's time to begin"

Your father is sitting next to me
holding my hand and saying "I love you"
Its very soothing and calming
As our dream comes true

The time has come
Emotions run high
I pushed 3 times and heard a cry
I laid back and let out a sigh

I forgot about the pain
As they lay you on my chest
So I can keep you warm
And we know were blessed

The nurse cleans you up
Our hearts filled with pride
When we saw you open your eyes
And held you for the first time

Luke Korben Marks
December 22, 2015
8 pounds 
21 inches long
Posted: 2016-04-10 00:30:31 UTC

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