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Soldiers are heroes that many don't understand
Defending our freedom with there hands
They pack what they need and go on their way
Hoping the war will end one day
We have lost many some young, some old
But all those men and women were strong and bold
Sometimes it doesn't seem fair
Soldiers having to go into the enemies lair
The families of our soldiers keep them sane
Knowing that all they do is not in vain
Once in a while they get a letter
And they instantly feel better
We let them know we miss them so
But no time to cry our soldiers must go
They fold the letters and hold them tight
Over there heart to read on a lonely night
They know they will be home soon
But for now sleep under the full moon
Soldiers are never truly alone
Their platoon will help them come home
Soldiers look out for one another
Because to then they are brothers
Everything our Soldiers do
Is without a doubt for me and you
Soldiers don't know names of who they protect
They defend all and deserve the utmost respect
So when the flag rises high in the sky take your stand
Salute to all active and fallen soldiers with your right
Our American Soldiers stand tall and proud
For defending our freedom as they vowed 
We appreciate you every single day
But today is dedicated to all Soldiers on this Independence

This poem is dedicated to all the American Soldiers 
Who have bravely fought for what is right and for the
that continue to fight 
Posted: 2016-05-11 05:24:37 UTC

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