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You were there when I took my first steps
Wabbling across the floor
You encouraged and guided me
Even after my steps took me out the door

I couldn't see you all the time
But you were still there by my side
Never wanted to leave you
So I would always run and hide

You would take me to far off places
Always going that extra mile
Making me feel loved and wanted
Doing anything to make me smile

Always there for the ups and downs
No matter if I was sad and alone
You listen and advised me well
Still do even though I'm full grown

I know your not perfect
You've made mistakes
But that never stopped you
From doing whatever it takes

As I got older you moved away
Took a job that worked you to the bone
Constantly stressing out about your work
While trying to turn your house into a home

You were brought to me to be my guide
I know it wasn't easy to have me around
That teenage attitude got a hold of me
But you always kept your head above ground

I know we are a few states apart
But you continue to help through the strife
With just a phone call your there
You will always be constant in my life

As your daughter I know it was hard
But you gave me the courage to stand
Even when life brought me down
Always there with a helping hand

When those hardships came my way
Your the one who listens well
Always know just what to say
And you won't ever tell

When you know something is wrong
You don't poke and pry
Letting me come to you
Waiting patiently for the right time

When I want to do something on my own
You gave me the strength I need
Knowing I can accomplish anything
Like going back to college to succeed

Thank you for being who you are
Always there for me day after day
I appreciate all that you've done
Have a Happy Father's Day

This poem is to my Dad
He has always been there for me
Posted: 2016-05-13 05:39:57 UTC

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