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When you become a father
There is much to learn
Your son will always come first
Love and trust you will earn

A father is like the whistling breeze
The soothing voice saying it's alright
This will calm hin down
When awakened by terrors of night

A father has the patience of mountains
Always there to lend a helping hand
When he's lost with no direction
Not knowing where he stands

A father has the wisdom of ages 
To give advice on many things
That will help him soar in the sky
Where the sunlight sings

A father has the heart of the river
Wiping away all those tears
This will give him reason to believe
That determination will out weigh his fears

A father has the strength of trees
Standing tall when things go wrong
That helps him grow into a great man
One that is kind, loving and strong

A father has the soul of nature
Understanding what is to come
Wherever his dreams may take him
He will always be your loving son

Posted: 2016-05-25 22:37:46 UTC

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