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A Year with such pain
Filled heart breaks
Seen futures
Of being alone
As pieces of your own
Heart broken
Ripped to shreds
By the ones you once loved
Given chances with such
Such goddesses bestowed upon
But always
Taken away
Lost of hope
By the unseen truth
The path of which was dreamed of
A rollercoaster of love
But never
Entrusted to come true
This pain always has been
A gift
In such a dark way
To give you a hellish mind
Of depression and death
Suicide a given option to your own
But given a light
By a girl
Whose given you this pain
By all means with out mercy
But given a chance
Of redemption by her hand
A chance to love once more
A chance to live happy once again
To live a life
Humans were supposed to live
The dream youve always wanted
From the start of having the
Emotion of Love
Posted: 2016-06-05 10:05:37 UTC

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