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Scars show a time
When I crossed the line
Using a knife upon my skin
To rid myself of the pain within

Scars won't ever heal
From the agony I feel
When life goes wrong
It's hard to be strong

Scars I continue to inflict
When the pain just won't quit
They haunt me in the night
Lost in darkness with no light

Scars hide the anger in my smile
When feeling nothing is worth while
The pain invades with no word
 Silent cries that no one heard

Scars have stories to be told
Some are new and some are old
There bloody and bleeding fast
When terrors awaken from my past

Scars keeps the screams inside
From the burning pain I try to hide
Leaving me all alone in the dark
Creating the deepest red mark

Scars show the fears
I endure in silent tears
When the pain creeps in
I commit that human sin

Scars portray every pain
Walking down memory lane
When I take my last breath
It's from my chosen death 
Posted: 2016-09-07 01:49:16 UTC

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